Rules of Scrapping Bee

1: Be kind- Let’s treat everyone with respect. When you are a part of this group or related sites, you realize that this admin has final say on these rules and may change rules, if needed, to maintain the overall attitude of this group/site.

2: Kind words….No hate speech or bullying- Mean or degrading comments about race, religion, politics, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated. Bullying will also not be allowed. These issues could mean not being allowed on the site anymore.

3:Fun first, no selling products…. No promotions or spam- No spam or irrelevant links are allowed. Please no business interactions or exchange of money though this site.

4: Cite materials used: List materials used whenever possible. This gives credit to the companies who make our products and allows other members to investigate those materials more if they would like.

5: Respect everyone’s privacy- What is shared in group stays in group as much as possible. The admin will protect the site as much as possible. Please ask other members to communicate with you in other ways about personal discussions.

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