Beginner’s Page

Where do I start if I want to start scrapbooking?

If you want to start scrapbooking, first you will need some basic supplies and pictures.

  • 3-5 photos of the same theme
  • acid free glue/adhesive
  • acid free colored or pattern paper (size ? see below)
  • scissors and ruler or paper trimmer
  • acid free pen
  • (not needed right away) scrapbooking album – choose binder style or post

Where can I find these items?

Next, go shopping at a local Arts and Craft stores, scrapbooking or stamping stores, big box store or online stores.

What size of paper should you get?


There are multiple sizes of scrapbooking albums available, 12×12 inches is common and so is 8×11 inches. I would recommend 12 x 12 just as it allows room for multiple pictures. You can make books of other sizes, but those are for a different post.

HOMEWORK: Get the basic supplies! Next Post: Starting your first page!